International photo contest on the subject of water

 Applications for the tender have been extended until November 11, 2023.

Even if everything on this planet were to burn, water would still remain – and in it – the spark of a new life.


Man used to live in close contact with nature, appreciated it, cherished it and intensely observed it. His whole life used to run in between four elements which are: EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR. During the evolution a man figured there were many more elements, perceived unsurmised scientific ideas, went to the Moon and did many other things, and in his being through history he ignored THE THIRD ELEMENT – WATER as an elementary substance of his life. World media are daily informing us of either lack of clean water or some new ecological incidents or even cataclysms caused by water.

This is one of the reasons for “inventory-making“ of water and everything connected to it.

The main goal of this project is to encourage people to discover natural resources and attractions in their immediate surroundings related to water and also to detect specific eco situations which endanger our THIRD ELEMENT – WATER or maybe give another, maybe their own, view on the subject through photographs.

Borislav Božić, prof

General rules:

  1. Fotoklub Rijeka is the organiser of the contest.
  2. THE THIRD ELEMENT contest is held once a year.
  3. The participant can enter a contest with his photographs only, and claims responsibility for the authenticity and the content of the entry.
  4. The photos should be from 2022 or 2023 and have not been exhibited in Rijeka
  5.  Photo processing in photo-editing programs is allowed to the point where it doesn’t impair or change or the sole meaning of the subject.
  6. Copyright: by signing the entry form author gives consent to the co-organizers of the contest allowing them to publish entrieswithout additional compensation along with a clear author`s signature for the purpose of promoting the contest.
  7. Author needs to state the place and the year of taking the photograph. In that way we add to seriousness and dignity of our profession in studying photographic creations as well as to all other experts who are studying the subject of the contest.
  8. Organizer is going to use selected photographs from the exhibition to encourage and promote photography.
  9. Some of the selected photographs will be issued on the exhibition’s promotional material, for example on the invitation for the exhibition and corresponding events or in the information for the press. All the mentioned forms of publishing are non-commercial and their sole purpose is to promote the exhibition and the author. Every author, whose photographs will be used or reproduced in a catalogue or any other publication, will receive a copy of the publication send on the address stated on the entry form. Moral copyrights in the matter of correct author`s signature on the published works will be fully protected.
  10. Selected and prize-winning photographs will be issued in the catalogue, without compensation to the authors.


Subject of THE THIRD ELEMENT contest is: Water

Number of photographs and application procedure:

Author can apply with up to six (6) photographs. Collections are not accepted.

Allowed file extensions: *.jpg, *.jpeg

File size: longer side cannot be more than 4000 pixel in length and 300 dpi in resolution.


No limitations; photographs may be black and white /CB, BW/,  monochromatic  /M/ or colour/B, C/..

There is no fee for participation in the contest.

Photos together with application form are to be sent to e-mail address:

The organizer will not accept entries without full documentation.



The participants who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia should submit their documents in Croatian. Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro should send their documents in their mother tongue. For all other participants the language of communication is English.


Until the end of the competition, the organizer will appoint a selector.

Exhibition calendar:

The application deadline is: November 11,  2023.

Announcement of results: The organizer will send a notification to all participants of the contest whose works have been accepted and which photos will be exhibited.

The exhibition will be set up in the Principij Gallery, and the opening is planned for Saturday, November 18 at noon. After the opening, and no later than Tuesday, November 21, the exhibition will be available for


The organizer will announce the best author and award three more commendations                        


The organizer will issue a catalogue in digital format which will be sent to all the participants on the email address stated on the online application form.

You can follow our activities at  i

By filling out the application form and sending the photographs, the author hereby accepts the general rules and terms of the THIRD ELEMENT contest.

[1] Roman philosopher, 4 B.C. – Rome, April 65. A. D.

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